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Client / 

Downtown Seattle Association


Timeline / 

10 weeks, April - June 2019

Role / 

Client Manager,


Interaction Design,

Visual Design,

and Prototyping

Platform / 

Mobile responsive web app

Downtown Seattle Parking

Explore, Find, Ride

Downtown Seattle Association is on a mission to create a healthy, vibrant downtown. They have over 2,000 corporate, nonprofit and residential members within downtown Seattle. They asked us to redesign and improve the usability of their web app.

as a team, we

synthesized findings

Based on survey and interview results we created an affinity map and user flows to kick off the ideation and help organize possible solutions.


From there three areas of opportunity emerged -

Visual, Functionality, and Content.

creating visual hierarchy

I had trouble understanding what these links referred to or what would happen when I clicked them. There isn't a clear way to know what I can do on the site.

representative quote,
current site usability

Throughout testing, we implemented a menu, contextual navigation, and focused on the three main site functions -

Explore Seattle, Find Parking,

and Ride Waterfront Shuttle.

expanding visual recognition

[On the details page(s), in addition to getting directions,] I want some basic information. For more details, I would just want to go to their website, or maybe be able to call them.

sarah b.,
prototype tester
details explore.png

Based on this feedback, I expanded our icon set to include a few key actions the users desired. Each location  will have 3 call-to-action buttons in addition to "Get Directions."

increased usability scores

This looks great! I can easily see what things I can do on your site.

clare m.,
prototype tester
landing page screens 3up.png

Using a 10-question usability scoring survey, we were able to track if our design was improving from previous versions.

The usability score increased by 70 points.

original site
score average : 17.5
v2 SUS score screen.png
v1 prototype
score average : 79.1
landing page screens 3up.png
v3 prototype
score average : 87.5
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